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Aktivehate - X-Synthesized (2013)

The new Aktive.Hate album was forged in the depths of hell during the last 2 years. Infused with the feelings of the millions of souls who passed through it during that time (yeah, everyone ends up there), it carries the weight of the hatred and suffering which befell all those victims. Satan himself came bearing the master CDs, riding a flaming steel, and handed them to alex who just printed the aktivehate logo on them.
Aktivehate - X-Synthesized (2013)
Electronic, Dark Electro, EBM, Industrial | Advoxya
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2013 | 187:58 | 431 Mb

CD1: "Resynthesized"

01.One Hit (04:44)
02.Visions From A Killer (04:40)
03.Divided To Fall (05:00)
04.Son Of Scorn (04:24)
05.Create, Generate (04:43)
06.Disdain (04:14)
07.Sketches Of Suicide (03:44)
08.Fall (04:31)
09.Unfit (04:41)
10.Burn (04:01)
11.Deathcult Karma (03:49)
12.Rain (05:29)
13.Disincarnated (04:38)

CD2: "Desynthesized"

01.Spite (04:35)
02.Gutter Zen (03:59)
03.Whorenography (04:17)
04.Digital Decay (05:02)
05.The Ordeal Glee (04:13)
06.Vermin Verminis (03:45)
07.A Furious Djinn Awakens (05:12)
08.Infection (04:12)
09.Sacrifice (03:29)
10.Nova (04:53)
11.Tangent To Oblivion (04:25)
12.The Bleeding (04:38)
13.Vulturian Shades (04:53)

CD3: "Remanufactured" (Remix CD)

01.Fall (C-Lekktor Remix)
02.Create Generate (Detroit Diesel Remix)
03.Spite (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
04.Sacrifice (a7Ie Remix)
05.Divided to Fall (Cygnosic Remix)
06.Disdain (Adeonesis Remix)
07.Sacrifice (Mindphase Remix)
08.Whorenography (Beyong Rupture Remix)
09.Unfit (Betamorphose Remix)
10.Disdain (Agnosept Remix)
11.Burn (Cynical Existence Remix)
12.Disdain (Hexis Remix)
13.Disdain (Arkane Remix)
14.A Furious Djinn Awakens (Systemic Failure Remix)

The truth is this new album from Aktive.Hate was carried and built over the last 2 years, and represents the band's most powerful effort up to now. Building from the experimentation started in their debut album "In Terrorem", fusing dark electro with industrial metal elements, this new album pushes the envelope and creates two different entities within the same release. On one hand Aktive.Hate pursues their usual dark electro / aggrotech sound, further developing their identity on the "Resynthesized" CD; on the other hand, the industrial metal elements get taken onto the spotlight and become the centerpiece of the "Desynthesized" CD, described as "a cross between FLA and Fear Factory". All this gets thrown in with an extra CD of remixes, created by some of the finest acts of today, as well as a handful of talented newcomers, to bring a package that is sure to blow everything Aktive.Hate has previously done away.

Aktivehate - X-Synthesized (2013)

Aktivehate - X-Synthesized (2013)

Aktivehate - X-Synthesized (2013)

Aktivehate - X-Synthesized (2013)


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