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Bumbling Loons - Back To The Future (2014)

For the first time in over a decade, the seminal collaborative force known as Bumbling Loons have finally reconvened in the sonic sphere and are are ready to augment your consciousness, as they see fit. Such preternatural production value and intensive focus could only be attributed to and created by a warped Green Nun of the Revolution and a frantically Flying Rhino. Considered by many as being two of the major transmitters for early UK Trance, Dick Trevor and James Monro were able to effortlessly meld together their arcane expertise and compositional idiosyncrasies, and have cooked up an engrossing EP that is truly one for the blithering books!
Bumbling Loons - Back To The Future (2014)
Progressive Trance | Sourcecode Transmissions (STS1CD003)
320 kbps | MP3 | single | 2014-11-17 | 00:18:22 | 42.26 Mb

01. Vulcan (8:59)
02. Stingray (9:23)

Overflowing with that iconic, elder essence of old school purifying Psytrance, "Back To The Future," is a foray into the liminal lunacy of late night raves and extradimensional encounters alike. The tune "Stingray," provides a surprisingly introspective yet brooding background, which invites the listener into a Star-seedpod of swirling atmospheres and electrifying energies. Combining elements of Deep House and Progressive Psytrance, this tempestuous track beautifully personifies the daring dynamics of the creature for which it is named. Dickster and Mr. Monro have managed to embody the gracefulness yet menacing nature of a Stingray, in this oceanic inspired orchestration. The following track, "Vulcan," is sure to take global dance floors by storm. Perfectly balancing and blending sensations of the visceral and cerebral, the most significant components of this track are its propulsive, percussive structure and bouncing basslines. "Vulcan," glimmers with an incendiary iota of mythic musicality, if you take into consideration the title and its overall thunderous aesthetic. Bumbling Loons are back and once again prepared to catapult their listeners into the great beyond.

Bumbling Loons - Back To The Future (2014)

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