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Side Effects - Freedom (2014)

We some time take it for granted, while in other times we fight for it with our lives. It has various meaning in different places and times, but what is certain is that we need Freedom. It gives us hope and a drive to continue. Even if it's only momentary, Freedom is an incredible sensation that creates explosions of happiness within us. It inspires us to break the boundaries around us, and explore unheard sonic frontiers. To unlock to gates to Freedom Side Effects, aka Yarden Yogev & Tzahi Geller, are here to help.
Side Effects - Freedom (2014)
Progressive Trance | Iono Music (INM1DIGI156)
320 kbps | MP3 | single | 2014-11-24 | 00:29:35 | 68.01 Mb

01. Freedom (6:40)
02. Indian Spirit (7:09)
03. Ritmo & Nok - New World Order (Side Effects Remix) (8:37)
04. Resting Souls (7:09)

Equipped with professional sound skills Side Effects have already proved their abilities to explored unknown lands of Psychedelica. They unleashed their powers through their various releases - the EPs One Man's Vision, Complete Control, Black Hole and of course their debut album - City on Mars. Now it is time to set the Freedom out. In order to reach Freedom, you must summon an Indian Spirit to accompany you. It is, after all, a New World Order, the one that was foreseen by Ritmo and Nok and has now been modified by Side Effects. This voyage will make you feel relaxed and in peace with your body, mind and soul. What we call Resting Souls.

Side Effects - Freedom (2014)

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