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120 in 1: Applets v4.5 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Полезные 120 в 1 программ для Вашего iPhone от разработчиков Ryan Bertrand.

Список программ:
iPod Alarm Clock (Customize background and LCD Color!)
Contact Safe
Image Safe
Voice Memo
RSS Reader
Fullscreen Camera (with tons of tools!)
System Information (Memory)
Battery Info
Bubble Level
Parking finder
Image Filters (brightness, contrast, color tints, Black & White, and More)
Security Alarm
Flashlight (Customize Colors)
Private Calendar
Cocktails Recipes
Referee Calls
Neon Paint
Password Generator (Multiple types of protection settings)
Periodic Table of Elements
Metal Detector
BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Content)
BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)
BMR Calculator (Basal Metabolic Rate)
Required Calories Generator by Activity level
THR Calculator (Target Heart Rate)
Max Rep Calculator
Tip Calculator
Currency Converter
Random Number Generator
Tally Counter
Task Timers
Emoji Enabler
Traffic Information
Crazy Laws
Language Translator (over 50 Languages)
Walk N Text
Fake Call
Fake SMS (Texting)
Fake Missed Calls
Fake Lock-Screen Alerts
Fake MMS
Contact Exporter (Export contacts to CSV File)
Group Email
Facebook tools
Twitter Tools
Fortune Teller
Famous Quotes (over 20,000!)
Plum Bob
Light Rave
Web Apps
Music DJ
Todo List (Totally Redone!)
Sales Price
Days Until
Rhyme Dictionary
URL Shortner for Tweets
Jumpy game
Phone Tracker Prank (not a true GPS, joke only)
Contact Group Manager
Sound Board
7 Day Weather
Check List Creator
Local Search
Fun Email
Spell Check
Term Extractor
Person Search
Business Search
Earthquake Tracker
Pair Em Game
Memory Game
Google Talk
Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Reader
Google Books
Yahoo Web App
Fart Machine
Date Calculator
Music Timer
Related Words
Sleep Sound
World Clocks
Group SMS
Contact Group Manager
Mass SMS (Text your whole contact book)
Mass Email

Информация о Программе:
Название: 120 in 1: Applets
Версия: 4.5 [iPhone/iPod Touch]
Год выхода: 2011
Прошивка: iOS 4.0 и выше
Язык: Английский
Разработчик: Ryan Bertrand
Формат файла: .ipa
Таблетка: Вшита
Размер файла: 52.3 mb

Скачать 120 in 1: Applets v4.5 (iPhone/iPod Touch):

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