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STOIK Smart Resizer v + RUS

STOIK Smart Resizer — легкая в использовании программа для увеличения изображений с помощью нескольких алгоритмов вплоть до увеличения в 1000% без потери визуальной четкости. Для увеличения размера изображений, STOIK Smart Resizer предлагает 8 алгоритмов, включая интеллектуально-продвинутый алгоритм для фотографий природы. Прежде всего, программа пригодится работникам печати, когда нужно распечатать большой плакат или рекламный баннер, ведь чем больше размер исходного файла, тем будет лучше его качество при печати.

Возможности STOIK Smart Resizer:
• Увеличение изображений до 1000% без потери визуальной четкости
• 8 алгоритмов для увеличения изображений на выбор
• Поддержка JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF форматов
• Обработка группы файлов в пакетном режиме
• Увеличение в процентном или пиксельном соотношении
• Масштабирование фотографий с помощью новейшего алгоритма "смарт интерполяции"
• Масштабирование фотографий с помощью "бикубической" или "билинейной интерполяции"
• Увеличение размера и подготовка к печати фотографий сделанных с мобильного телефона
• Создание высококачественных и высокодетализированных фотоминиатюр
• Автоматический предпросмотр результата в окне программы
• Встроенный браузер графических файлов

This program offers you various methods to resize digital photos including new STOIK Smart Resize algorithm which allows to enlarge digital images up to 1000% without loss of visual sharpness.

You will find STOIK Smart Resizer very useful for multiple tasks from quality zooming to increasing resolution of digital pictures to creation of good-looking image thumbnails. To increase resolution of digital photo one needs to add pixels to those registered by camera or scanner CCD.

Color values in newly added pixels are calculated by interpolating values of adjacent pixels in original photo. The quality of resizing depends on the algorithm used for interpolation, and with all conventional interpolation methods such as bilinear or bicubic, the interpolation results in blurred image.

This program offers in addition to standard methods new Smart Resize algorithm developed by STOIK Imaging. This algorithm makes intelligent zooming possible through analysis of picture content for natural textures, contours, and line art, and application of adapted interpolation methods for specific areas.

The result is the ability to enlarge digital images without loss of visual sharpness. One particular important implementation of the new algorithm is enlargement of cameraphone photos and photos taken with sub-megapixel cameras for resolution sufficient for quality prints.

The algorithm also allows for creation of smart thumbnails – small copies of originals which could be effectively restored to original resolution with simple interpolation.

Smart Image Resizing:
· No quality loss photo resizing with a proprietary smart interpolation algorithm
· Includes industry-standard bilinear and bicubic algorithms
· Instant preview helps selecting the most appropriate resizing algorithm
· The ability to create high-quality, detailed thumbnails
· Dozens of predefined resize templates included
· Batch resizing and blazing-fast operation

Adaptive Photo Enlargement:
· If using the smart interpolation algorithm to enlarge or shrink images, STOIK Smart Resizer will automatically analyze the image being resized, detecting features such as natural textures, lines, and edges, and adaptively interpolate the different parts of the image to preserve visual crispness and image detail. The Smart Resize algorithm can produce enlargements of up to 1000% the original size without obvious signs of loss of visual sharpness.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Resizing Algorithm Made Easy:
· While resizing images, you will have the choice of quite a few resizing algorithms, including the STOIK Imaging proprietary “Smart Resize” option. Which one to choose in a particular situation? While we would love to recommend using the “Smart Resize” algorithm every time, some tasks may require a different approach.

Automatic Preview:
· STOIK Smart Resizer allows you to choose a resizing algorithm that best fits the job. To help you choose the best algorithm depending on image content and enlargement factor, STOIK Smart Resizer will display an instant preview of a portion of the image being resized once you select a resizing algorithm from the list. Note that some sophisticated algorithms, including STOIK proprietary Smart Resize, may require more time to display a preview.

Batch Resizing:
· Enlarging a bunch of photos or producing thumbnails out of a thousand images could not be made easier. STOIK Smart Resizer comes with advanced Batch Mode with Filmstrip area for easy image selection. Select images by placing files into the Filmstrip by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer or the internal image browser of STOIK Smart Resizer, choose your resizing settings, and click to proceed.

Fast Operation:
· STOIK Smart Resizer implements blazing fast resizing methods to make batch jobs finish as soon as possible.

Built-in Image Browser:
· STOIK Smart Resizer comes with a fully featured image browser with thumbnail previews, full-screen and 100% view modes. Tree and folder browser modes are supported.

STOIK Smart Resizer v + RUS

Информация о программе
Название: STOIK Smart Resizer
Год выпуска: 2011
Платформа: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: english (русификатор)
Лекарство: keygen
Размер: 10.1 Mb

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