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Luigi Tozzi - Deep Blue (2014)

Ever since the birth of consciousness, there has been reverence of the unknown. We have always sought to understand what is behind the curtain of our perceptive limitations by means of emotional exploration, observance of nature and, perhaps most intriguingly, through ritualistic techniques of ecstasy.
Luigi Tozzi - Deep Blue (2014)
Dub Techno | Hypnus Records (HYPNUS005)
320 kbps | MP3 | single | 2014-11-06 | 00:46:35 | 107.09 Mb

01. Bioluminescence (07:07)
02. Chemosynthesis (06:37)
03. Bioluminescence (Deepbass Remix) (07:54)
04. Chemosynthesis (Claudio PRC Remix) (06:19)
05. Hydrothermal Vent (05:08)
06. Photophore (06:53)
07. Sub-Photic Zone (06:37)

Through spontaneous experience and focus, we can enter a state, or world, that is something beyond what one can call ordinary reality. With nothing but our mind, meditation and a beat, we can travel between dimensions not explainable by the words of man. Instead we must use mythical lore, occult doctrine, imagery, symbolism, archetypes, sounds, anything that jolts the mind into a higher state of consciousness. And it is exactly for this purpose that the adepts of Hypnus has gathered. The ancient Egyptians, among many others, believed that the celestial bodies were portals into godly domains. They believed that if you entered the above mentioned states, when multiple portals were aligned, magnifying each other, you could, for an instant, become some sort of divine lightning rod, gaining incredible knowledge and power.

Luigi Tozzi - Deep Blue (2014)

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